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Terms & Conditions accepts no responsibility for any damage or other caused by inappropriate use of arrows by their clients. It is the clients responsibility to ensure

they have the correct licenses / permissions and/or approvals for their use.

It is also the clients responsibility to remove the arrows post event - it is the responsible thing to do & avoids complaints.


In the unlikely event of any legal issues, action or fines that relate to use of any RouteArrows products by our clients, the client accepts full liability when agreeing to these T&Cs.

We recommend you only use RouteArrows on surfaces where they can easily be removed, for example:

  • Roads

  • Pavements

  • Trees

  • Kerbs

This is due to the surface being rough - the bond will not be complete and therefore easy to remove.

We recommend you DO NOT stick to surfaces that are smooth and flat, for example:


  • Lamp posts

  • Windows

  • Vehicles

  • Boards


Doing so will make it very hard to remove as the bond will be strong to such a surface.

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