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  • What are RouteArrows?
    Originally designed for cycle routes on events and tours, RouteArrows are 3” x 11.9” peel-n-stick paper arrows that come in rolls of 250 in eight High Visibility colors. They have a strong, non-toxic water based adhesive to stick to any clean dry road pavement surface and being just paper, they will disintegrate from traffic wear, leaving no trace!
  • Do you offer discounts to non-profit bodies?
    Yes we do - we [provide a 15% discount - fill out the contact form below and we'll get things sorted
  • How many RouteArrows do I need for my event?
    We recommend 5 RouteArrows per turn. With 250 arrows per roll, that allows for up to 50 marked points per roll. Therefore, if you have more than say 42-45 turns per route, you should consider another roll of that same color. You also need some RouteArrows at the start and as “affirmation” to say “you’re on route, keep going!”. If your event has multiple cycle routes (use multiple colors) you can use 4 RouteArrow “clusters” per turn. Be generous: never go below 3 RouteArrows or arrow clusters per turn. Using more arrows per turn help your less experienced riders or runners feel well cared for.
  • How should RouteArrows be placed?
    Place all turn indication RouteArrows at a 45 degree angle from direction of travel, either left or right. This allows the cyclist or runner to distinguish the intended turn direction much sooner than with arrows placed at 90 degrees. Place all other, (“affirmation” and “confirmation” arrows) parallel to the direction of travel.
  • What about running or walking events?
    RouteArrows are also excellent for events such as half marathons, 5k races, walkathons etc. Unlike on bike rides, walkers and runners are moving slower so they need less notice time before the turn. We still suggest 5 RouteArrows per turn but they can be placed much closer to the turn than needed for cycle events.
  • Are RouteArrows safe for the environment?
    YES! Made with a mid weight paper stock, RouteArrows use non-toxic, water based ink and adhesive. We don’t necessarily recommend anyone eat them, (they taste bad!) but, at additional expense, we have chosen to make them with as safe a material as we could.
  • How many RouteArrows are there on a roll?
    There are 250 arrows (+/-) on each roll. They are only sold in full rolls, no partial rolls.
  • Are RouteArrows easy to remove?
    RouteArrows are a unique product designed to disintegrate from daily traffic. This cuts in half the time, effort, risk and fuel expense by not driving the route again. But, if they must be removed (from paths, etc) there are two options. 1) Place them out of traffic so they won’t be as abraded and worn. Also, when placing them, fold the arrow tip under just a bit (1/4″) to create a ”Tab to Grab” then use your fingernail or a metal spatula to pull them up. This works best with “fresh”, undamaged arrows. 2) Use water! Use this method if they are already well pressed down, well worn and many days old. Wet the arrow; use a rough soled shoe and scuff them with repeated foot kicks. A wire brush can work here also. This will turn the arrow into a little bit of innocuous mush.
  • How long do they last after application to the road?
    RouteArrows and RouteLines are just paper, with non-toxic water based ink and adhesive. They are designed to disintegrate from traffic wear, when properly located. The volume of traffic, the weather, and their location on the street greatly affects their life span. If they stay dry and see light traffic, it can take many weeks until they fully disintegrate. But, if they are exposed to heavy traffic they will be worn away in just days. If they get wet, (moderate rain) their lifespan can be just hours with moderate traffic. The colors will naturally fade to white from daily sun exposure.
  • What is the shelf life of a roll of RouteArrows?
    The manufacturer recommended shelf life is 6 months. Use your RouteArrows within this timeframe for optimum performance. Store RouteArrows in a sealed container, preferably in a climate-controlled environment to prolong their shelf-life.
  • How far in advance can / should they be placed prior to an event?
    For optimum results, place RouteArrows within 24 hours of the event. Placing them many days in advance will greatly reduce their visibility because of traffic wear and weather exposure. Remember, the marking crew will require less time, compared to using other outdated methods such as paint or duct tape.
  • What if it rains on or before the event?
    After being placed on dry roads, RouteArrows and will survive a mild to moderate rain assuming very light traffic. If your event historically experiences lots of rain, RouteArrows might not be the best route marking method for you. RouteArrows will not survive moderate to heavy rain when placed out in traffic. But, if rain is forecast just before or on your event, place RouteArrows (on dry roads) out of the traffic pattern to increase their lifespan.
  • Will they stick to wet roads?
    RouteArrows adhere to clean dry paved roads, they will not stick to wet or very damp roads. If the road or pavement is wet take a towel and dry the area first...
  • Will they stick to dirt or gravel roads?
    In a word, no. So consider using route signage / blank plastic “Coroplast” 16″ x 16″ x 5 mil, Black squares, allowing you to use RouteArrows in non-pavement locations, or at route splits. The black really adds “POP” to the bright RouteArrows.
  • Can I customise the arrows with my logo?
    Yes but a minimum order of 100 rolls is needed and the logo can only be black.
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