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  • Where should I place my arrows?

  • How many arrows should I use?

  • What if we have multiple routes - how should I place my arrows?

We recommend 5 RouteArrows per turn. 


With 250 arrows per roll, that allows for up to 50 marked points per roll. 


Therefore, if you have more than say 42-45 turns per route, you should consider another roll of that same colour.  

You also need some RouteArrows at the start and along the way affirmation” to say “you’re on route, keep going!”.  

Place all turn indication RouteArrows at a 45 degree angle from direction of travel, either left or right.  


This allows the cyclist or runner to distinguish the intended turn direction much sooner than with arrows placed at 90 


Place all other, (“affirmation” and “confirmation” arrows) parallel to the direction of travel.


If your event has multiple routes (use multiple colours) you can use 4 RouteArrow “clusters” per turn.  

Be generous: never go below 3 RouteArrows or arrow clusters per turn.  

Using more arrows per turn help your less experienced riders or runners feel well cared for.

If you can we recommend you place your arrows where traffic will be rolling over them - as a just in case you miss one on clean up they will break up over time.



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