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RouteArrows are Paper Arrow Stickers with a Strong Adhesive

  • RouteArrows are eco-friendly and economical, designed to give clear and obvious directions.

  • Originally invented in 2005 to mark cycling event routes.

  • Running and walking events really love RouteArrows too!

  • Now they are used across Europe, the US and around the world!

  • Available in 9 bright attention grabbing colours.

  • Each RouteArrow is 7.6cm x 30cm tip to tail.

  • Sold in Rolls of ~ 125 & 250 arrows.


Find Your Colour!

RouteArrows stick to dry clean hardscape surfaces, both inside and outside, such as:

  • Pavement, asphalt, blacktop.

  • Concrete sidewalks & paths.

  • Covered hallways & eating areas.

  • Walls, doors & metal surfaces.

  • Industrial carpeting, tile & linoleum flooring.

Please always remove RouteArrows after use...


route arrows_green.png


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