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2018, it's been a blast!

So we're nearing the end of 2018, a year where we've learnt a lot and welcomed lots more events into the RouteArrows family. We're on plan and look forward to our second full year trading.

One thing we have discovered is the need to remind our 'partners in events' is to remove the arrows post event as we've unfortunately had a few upset phone calls from residents.

They are simple to remove if you apply to the correct surface and fold over the tip ever so slightly. If they are a little stubborn a wee wire brush, water and the smallest bit of elbow grease does the job easily.

Focus turns now to 2019 with our stretch goal to try and welcome at least another 250 events into the new way to approach event signage.

Here's to you and yours - aw the best for 2019...

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